•        117th Canton Fair

           Time: April 15-19, 2015
           Place: Guangzhou, China      


           Time: April 28-30, 2015
           Place: Shanghai,China

  •          Solar PV Exhibition

             Time: August 18-20, 2015
              Place: Guangzhou, China

  •         Industrial Exhibition

              Time: Sep.14-16,2015

  •          New Energy Exhibition

              Time: Sep.19-21,2015
              Place: Amman,Jordan

  •        South Africa Exhibition

           Time: November,2015
           Place: South Africa

  • Future Solar

    Future Solar is a high-tech enterprise focus on off-grid solar power since the establishment of 2006. We own a number of invention patents and utility model patents. Based on the proprietary technology of controller &inverter and strong R & D capability, and taking EASY &SIMPLE as the designing philosophy, we have developed more than 80 models of products, all of which have been intensively world-wide. We also offer the following valuable services and solutions based on our advantage: I. Professional and efficient customized services (e.g. OEM/ODM). II. Valuable and impeccable solutions.

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